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The Alhambra is a palace and fortress complex located in Granada, Andalusia, Spain. It was originally constructed as a small fortress in AD 889 on the remains of Roman fortifications, and then largely ignored until its ruins were renovated and rebuilt in the mid-13th century by the Nasrid emir Mohammed ben Al-Ahmar of the Emirate of Granada, who built its current palace and walls with many beautiful, intricate details. It was converted into a royal palace in 1333 by Yusuf I, Sultan of Granada.

The Alhambra is one of Europe's top sights, but many tourists never get to see it because tickets sell out. Savvy travelers make an advance reservation.

This means that tickets sell out weeks—and during high season, sometimes months—in advance. We strongly recommend buying your ticket as soon as possible to avoid arriving and facing the disappointment that it has been completely sold out.

Due to the enormous size of the complex, it´s recommended setting aside at least a full day of your trip to truly enjoy visiting the Alhambra.

Private transportation is not allowed direct access to the Alhambra grounds.

Entrance times to the palaces are strictly controlled. Plan to arrive at the entrance at least half an hour before the time printed on your ticket, as long lines are common.

Some reasons why the visto might suck:

The demand for tickets is high and in order to protect the Nazaries Palace the number of ticket is limited.

Extremely poor service who can’t be trusted

Alhambra is way too crowded

There can be infinite queues

Alhambra tickets sell out months in advance

Extremely hot - may get a sunstroke


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Nicole Terry says

"I want to prefix this by saying I throughly enjoyed the Night Adventure Tour with Joao, so much so that I booked a Flamenco show through him for the following evening... which I sadly regretted as I just don’t want to support this company after their behaviour. So first of all I arrived yesterday at 6.30pm (Sunday) at their offices before the Night Adventure Tour as the lady at the Granada bus station stand - where I bought my tickets for the Night Adventure and Alhambra tours on my arrival in the city - said I should collect my Alhambra tickets which I’d booked for today (Monday). I was told by staff at the reception that I’d get them after my Night Adventure Tour so that was that. Had an awesome tour - Joao was great - but when the group got back to the HQ and the Alhambra tickets were handed out, mine was missing. Joao apologised as there was nothing he could do - there was a Uruguay couple’s tickets in the batch left for his group and we didn’t have any Uruguayans so there must have been a mix up. He left post-it’s on the reception desk explaining that they had not supplied my tickets and that I’d be round tomorrow to collect. Then as a group Joao took us out to an authentic tapas place where we had a couple of drinks to say goodbye. Legend and a great night aside from the ticket hiccup. So on Monday I had planned on going early to Alhambra - literally at 8.30am when it opens - so I could miss the crowds, and the heat of the day, and most importantly be back in time to move from one Airbnb to another. Obviously this was now impossible, so after I’d moved accommodations I headed over to pick up my missing Alhambra ticket back at Six Thrills HQ It was now just after 12pm and pouring with rain. So I walked up to the front desk and the man and woman at the desk were who Joao had introduced the group to as “his boss” and “his boss’ boss” when we’d bumped into them last night on our way to tapas. I greeted the guy and told him I needed to collect my ticket as it wasn’t provided last night and he pointed me to the lady. I gave her my name, she found me on a list, and so begun the process of printing it off. I then asked if it was possible to move the access to Alhambra to tomorrow as I had planned on going in the morning and, as they were unable to provide me with the ticket last night, this was now impossible. It was also now pouring with rain so it’d be great. The man behind the desk then absolutely laid in to me. He said I’d have to buy another ticket. I said that that was a bit unreasonable as they were the ones that caused the ticket issue in the first place. He then likened the service to an air flight and then he started insulting my character by saying, “people like you always ask these things”, “you look like that kind of person” and that if he needed to talk to me “like his daughter” then he would. I kept looking at the lady and around me for help and for the camera because it was unbelievable how rude and aggressive he was being. The women said nothing during this tirade aside from a small side comment to him in Spanish to which he responded in English - clearly so I could understand - that “she needs to be taught a lesson”. He then started insinuating that I hadn’t collect my ticket this morning because I’d been out having tapas last night, which is just ridiculous and completely irrelevant in any case. I honestly couldn’t believe what was happening. At one point his voice was so raised I was actually stepping away from the desk with my hands up asking repeatedly please to not shout at me. Finally she printed off the ticket and tried to explain how to get there but to be honest I was standing there in shock and didn’t hear anything. No apology for anything. I was so shaken by the whole experience that I went and cried in the toilet afterwards. It was still pouring with rain so I hid behind the concrete pilar by the door so he didn’t see me waiting for the weather to improve. One of the guides who witnessed the whole thing and that I’d made eye-contact with looking for support, came over to see if I was ok which only made me burst into tears again. It was the most awful awful experience. I felt so insulted and mistreated. I almost didn’t go to visit the Alhambra after that, I just wanted to throw my ticket away. I have no idea what this man’s name is, other than he is “the boss”. The lady - who supposedly was his boss but did not intervene at all - is called Zane... I discovered this on their website under Staff. My experience of the guides was great and the customer service at the bus station too, but never in my life has anyone ever spoken to me like that man. Disgusting."

Brian Lund says

"We got ripped off and lied to! We were walking in the city casually when an employee of the bureau contacted us, he asked us where we were going for our stay in Granada and we told him the Alhambra, he said he could sell us tickets and took us to their bureau, which is conveniently located above the (genuine) tourist information so that you would have the impression that it was not a private company but the official tourist information. Now here is where the really bad part comes in, he gave us a price of €40 or 55€ per person including the Nazrid palace. I told him that the last time I did go to the Alhambra 2 years ago I did buy the ticket directly at the entrance for around €14 and that I was surprised at the price, the employee told us that there were NO TICKETS available at the Alhambra anymore and our only option was to buy tickets in advance because of terror threats and whatnot. When I wanted to pay with credit card he told us there would be a €2 credit card fee, when I told him I wanted to pay for both tickets suddenly this fee was per person so it ended up in a total of €114 for 2 tickets to the Alhambra including the Nazrid palace and a "sunset tour" which we asked if we could opt out of, but he said this was not an option and that it was also "free", meaning included in the €55 tickets. Turns out the next day when we did go to the Alhambra, there were plenty of available tickets (at €14)! Only reason this company deserves 1 star is because we did get a partial refund of €30 after complaining in the afternoon, but really I feel so ripped of like I have never been before. This company is a tourist trap and nothing else! Play Granada, if you ever decide to give me an additional €30 refund (the price of the "sunset tour" which we didn't want in the first place)."

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